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Under state law, public establishments such as Drink Drank Drunk can serve liquor by the drink only if their food sales exceed 30 percent of total receipts. Since our peanuts, potato chips, and Lunchables® sales are far less than 30 percent, we are required to be a members-only club, with patrons paying club dues ($1) and having to carry their membership cards with them when visiting. 

We ask that you please enter all information below truthfully and accurately. All information is kept private and for our records only unless audited by the NC Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission. For more info on the NC ABC Statutes & Regulations, visit https://abc.nc.gov

Members may have up to two (2) guests in their company at the establishment. Guests are welcome to use the full facilities when accompanying a member.

* Required (Hint: All of it. All of it is required unfortunately)